Gates open h.18:30
Magnolia Central Park is an open air temporary bar open from Tuesday to Sunday that will allow everyone to enjoy a green corner of the most beautiful park in the city, in Magnolia, comfortably seated, between background music, food, drinks and relaxation together, united but spaced.

At Magnolia it will not yet be possible to party and dance, our Magnolia Central Park will be open, but you will have to remain seated and there will be only table service.

Since we were born we have always lived in sociality, company, people and parties, in the summer we have added the most beautiful park there is.
This year, only for these summer months, we have decided to transform ourselves into a Temporary Bar & Bistrot.

It will all be different.
Everything will be beautiful.
No, the Arci card will not be needed.

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Reservations are recommended especially for the weekend for large numbers, you can book:

From Tuesday to Sunday from 2.00 pm CALLING at this number:
366 5005306

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These are the times of our whole season:

Tuesday • 18.30 - 00.00
Wednesday • 18.30 - 00.00
Thursday • 18.30 - 01.00
Friday • 18.30 - 02.00
Saturday • 18.30 - 02.00
Sunday • 18.30 - 00.00

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F. A. Q.
What awaits you will not be the usual Magnolia, it will be completely different and there will be new rules to follow.

How will Magnolia Central Park work?
At the Magnolia in these summer months you will find tables and seats in front of our bar area and the bistro area.

How can I order food and drink?
It will not be possible to order at the counter, there will only be table service. It can be eaten sitting at your table.

Will I have to book?
Reservations are highly recommended, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. It will not be possible to stop in the parking lot while waiting for your table if you have not booked, to avoid gatherings. It will be possible to call this number 366 5005306 from 16 onwards.

Can we dance?
It will be forbidden to dance in compliance with the safety and spacing rules in force.

Will there be music?
Yes, thanks to the wonderful selections by friends, artists and musicians. It will be in the background from opening to closing.