Magnolia Plus One

Music for you, love for everyone.

During this summer we've decided to resume the initiative that in the last two summers has given us,
and those less fortunate than us, a huge smile.

Like every summer since 2016, with MAGNOLIA + 1 we have decided to support reality and activities that took care of those who have less luck than us.

This year we have decided to support DIANA WEB: a project - coordinated by the Department of Predictive Medicine and for the Prevention of the National Cancer Institute of Milan - aimed to all women diagnosed with breast cancer, without any exclusion, whose goal is to identify lifestyles that can improve the prognosis after the diagnosis of breast cancer.

The modalities which we decided to contribute to the cause of this community is the same used in the last two summers by the Berlin clubs that have joined the "Plus One" project.

During this Summer we've collected:

7445 €