Circolo Magnolia was born and grew up in the countryside, overlooking the blue sea of ​​Milan: the Idroscalo. From day one, we did our utmost to try to be less impactful towards everything around us and, above all, we grew up knowing that we wanted to leave everyone a better place than what we found.

15 years of life mean 15 years of music but and more.

This is all that has been done from day 1 to today:

We converted the glasses and straws into biodegradable material: PLA.

In February 2019 we have DEFINITELY ABANDONED the use of disposable straws, although they were PLA,
to further reduce our impact on the surrounding environment.

On average, in a calendar year at Magnolia, 450,000 glasses of any shape and size and 200,000 straws in PLA are used.

In these days, given the times in which we are living, we have decided to take a further step forward:

From May 17th 2019 the Magnolia Circle will be definitively and completely PLASTIC FREE.

From the beginning of our Summer Season, in NONE of our bar points,
in NONE of our backstages it will be possible to find plastic water bottles.

Just as in Glastonbury it will no longer be possible to bring your own plastic bottles into Magnolia, but do not worry because every bar as well as our backstage will have a purified and certified water dispenser, both natural and sparkling.

Also inside the Magnolia there will be a water house, thanks to the collaboration with CAP Group, where anyone can fill their glasses at will.

Also thanks to CAP Group, each artist will also be given a sealed bottle, which can be filled as many times as desired.

Think about it: to drink water it is not essential a plastic bottle
that you will use only once in your life.